is a scholarly journal of research addressed to both faculty and graduate students in the humanities. Its primary focus is work on the literary and artistic interaction between Spain and France from the early modern era to the present day. The cultural and literary exchanges that have taken place between these two leading Western powers through centuries have often been characterized by political, historical, religious and cultural transitionsóbetween nations and national traditions, between periods, between literary or artistic styles, schools or genres. Particular interest will accordingly be given to the circulation, transformation, cultural adaptation and criticism of ideas and of literary and artistic forms as these migrate back and forth across the Pyrenees.

Transitions seeks to explore how literature, cinema and the other arts have reflected the ways in which the traditions of France and Spain resemble and yet also differ from each other; vectors of influence and evolving modes of reception; how cultural productions mirror the political systems, ideological formations, and systems of philosophical and scientific thought that form their background; and ultimately how the specular gaze with which France and Spain have always looked to each other as a model for self-understanding has informed the construction of at once national and individual identities in both countries.


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